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Kabura IMI-Z8019 MORF X3 do Glock 19

195,00 zł

Kabura IMI-Z8019 MORF X3 do Glock 19


NOWOŚĆ w ofercie kabur marki IMI Defense

W zestawie klucz imbusowy do obsługi systemu rotacyjnego i adapterów.


Morf X3 is a new revolutionary holster that can quickly be configured for either left or right hand IWB, OWB, or even a adjustable paddle holster in seconds. The holster comes with a IWB belt clip, OWB belt loop and a paddle holster attachment that with the removal of four pins allows the operator to adapt their holster to the current mission. The holster is made of high grade light weight polymer that can handle the abuse of the most aggressive operators. The Morf X3 is the perfect fit for the operators that require versatility and performance.  No other holster on the market is capable of transforming (Morphing) itself into this many configurations. One holster - either hand - multiple missions. 
*The holster was designed with a unique safety future that shows if the pistol has a round inside the chamber (an opening / window on the top right side)
Available in Black, O.D. Green and Desert Tan color.
Made in Israel.