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Nóż składany PALLAS TANTO "BLACK OUT" czarny

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Nóż składany PALLAS TANTO "BLACK OUT" czarny

Pallas “Black Out” Tanto Button Lock / Thumb Stud / Flipper

In ancient Greece, Pallas (/ˈpæl əs/) was known as the Titan god of war craft. We gave this fitting name to our Pallas Tanto Button-Lock Flipper knife. The Pallas Tanto is designed by master craftsman Curtis Iovito, and includes a beefy CPM S35VN steel blade. The blade sites on a set of alpha bearings in an aerospace aluminum frame, making it both sturdy and lightweight.

The Pallas Tanto Flipper features a thumb stud and flipper tab, making it easy to open with minimal effort. With the Pallas Tanto, you can rest assured that your knife will always be quickly accessible when you need it most.

It’s not just that the Pallas Tanto can be quickly and easily opened -- it’s also both convenient and secure to carry. Thanks to our signature titanium arrow clip, this custom folding knife can be carried tip-up in your pocket. Additionally, its all-stainless steel hardware (including screws, spacers, thumb studs, and button) means that it will last for many years to come.

Our “Black Out” version of the Pallas features a black tungsten blade with DLC (Diamond-Like Coating), a stonewashed frame and clip, and a black mil spec anodized frame. If you’re looking for a durable, reliable, and beautifully handcrafted flipper folding knife, look no further than the Spartan Blades Pallas Tanto!


Dane techniczne:

Ostrze - CPM S35VN

Twardość - HRC 58-60

Powłoka/wykończenie ostrza - SpartaCoat

Mechanizm blokujący - Button Lock

Oprawa - Aluminum

Mechanizm otwierania - Kołek, obustronny

Uchwyt - Aluminium

Waga - 139 g

Długość całkowita - 223 mm

Długość ostrza - 95 mm

Długość uchwytu - 130 mm

Grubość ostrza - 3,9 mm

Kraj pochodzenia - USA

Inne cechy - Otwór na karabińczyk, Klips